Sharp’s Brewery's Nadelik

sharps_nadelik_large Brewery: Sharp’s Brewery

Percentage: 4.6% ABV | Units: 2.6 per Pint

Brewed from special malts, Styrian Golding and Brewer’s Gold hops Nadelik is designed to feature all that good about the festive season. The aroma is a balance of spicy almost piney hops and sweet inviting candy floss and toffee notes. In the mouth Nadelik is appropriately full and succulent but avoids the sticky over-sweetness of some seasonal ales. Biscuity malt and sweet fruit features strongly with a good measure of moreish bitterness to stimulate the tongue and palate. The finish is warming and bittersweet leaving a lingering delicate bitterness that implores the drinker to stay for another.

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