Handmade Cider Co.

Handmade Cider

Address: Handmade Cider Co Ltd, Slaughterford Mill, Chippenham, SN14 8RJ
Website: http://www.handmadecider.co.uk/

There are far more ways to make craft cider than industrial cider and I love diversity.

I like to work with the fruit to get the best from it, whether it is making a single variety of 100 litres, putting together 2 varieties to create a blend of 250 litres, or putting together 20 different fruit of 4000 litres.

I believe that if you want to produce a first quality product it takes time, attention to detail and a caring hand. At Handmade Cider there are no distractions – my focus is dedicated to my fermentations and nurturing them to a standard that is acceptable to my fussy palette and hopefully yours too.

Generally I like to let wild yeast ferment my ciders; sometimes I like to use a cultivated yeast if I am after a specific result. Some ciders may be treated with an enzyme (yeast is a chain of enzymes) and chalk to aid clarification.

Some ciders have added sugar to sweeten and balance the flavours, I would prefer to use honey but that’s another story‚Ķ

From the 2013 pressing season I have stopped using Sulphur Dioxide in my ciders. Yeast may produce traces of Sulphite and there may be traces from sterilisation of equipment, but other than that I add no artificial colours, flavours or additives to my cider.”

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