Ampleforth Abbey

Ampleforth Abbey

Address: Ampleforth Abbey, York, YO62 4EN

For more than 200 years the monks of Ampleforth Abbey in North Yorkshire have been growing apples in the monastery orchard. Today with more than 2,000 apple trees spread over five acres, the Ampleforth Abbey Orchard is one of the largest commercial orchards in the north of England.

The orchard boasts more than 40 varieties of apple which means that different varieties will be ready at different times of the year providing fresh apples from August to January.

We make our Premium Cider from a blend of eating and cooking apples which are pressed in the Ampleforth Cider Mill and the juice stored in massive vats where it is fermented and matured for eight months.

Ampleforth Abbey's Real Ciders & Perries:

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