Dog Photo Gallery

Please visit our "Dog Page" to see how dog friendly we are, we'd love to see you and your dogs too!

Unfortunately, due to the huge number of dogs we have visiting us, we are only able to feature the dogs who have stayed with our guests in the hotel on the Dog Page! (Sorry!)

If we missed taking your dogs photo, or you have a great one of your dog at the Castle Inn, please submit one!

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Boo, Bailey and Poppy the Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
22nd July 2015
Chip and Mac the collie x lurcher and collie x labrador
20th July 2015
Taff the Collie
17th July 2015
Bernese Mountain Dog
7th June 2015
Samsung photos 023
George the Labradoodle
6th June 2015
Labradoodle and Labrador
24th May 2015
Luna the Greyhound
15th May 2015
Frank the Crossbreed
21st March 2015
Eddie the Brindle Collie
Eddie the Brindle Collie
21st March 2015
Blunnder the Labrador-Collie cross
Blunnder outside
1st February 2015