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Please visit our "Dog Page" to see how dog friendly we are, we'd love to see you and your dogs too!

Unfortunately, due to the huge number of dogs we have visiting us, we are only able to feature the dogs who have stayed with our guests in the hotel on the Dog Page! (Sorry!)

If we missed taking your dogs photo, or you have a great one of your dog at the Castle Inn, please submit one!

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Dixon and Dempsey the German Shepherds
Dixon and Dempsey the German Shepherds
20th December 2016
Ruby the Lakeland Terrier
18th December 2016
Bailey the English Springer Spanial
23rd October 2016
Casper the Pekingese - Chihuahua X
10th October 2016
Sandy the Boxer and Truffle the Beagle
10th October 2016
Buddy the German Shepherd
7th October 2016
Rolo the Pug - Border Terrier x
30th September 2016
Brandy the Cocker Spaniel and Bubbles the Springer Spaniel
30th August 2016
Trooper & Boko
Labrador and Labrador-Pointer cross
18th April 2016
Murphy the Border Collie
12th April 2016