Cottage Brewing Company


Address: The Cottage Brewing Company LTD, The Old Cheese Dairy, Hornblotton Road, Lovington, Somerset, BA7 7PS

The Cottage Brewing Company was founded in 1993 by Chris and Helen Norman, in a small building in their garden at West Lydford in rural Somerset. Since that humble beginning, when production was a maximum of 15 firkins per week, the company has grown and has relocated to a nearby, new building in Lovington, near Castle Cary. It now produces in excess of 400 firkins of real ale per week.
While making steady growth progress over the years, care has always been taken to ensure that the quality of the ales has been retained.
All the beers have a very distinctive hoppy flavour and nose, which is appreciated by connoisseurs of traditional real ales. The malt is sourced, where possible, in the South West of England and only the finest Maris Otter pale malt is used, together with Crystal, Chocolate and Cara to form the grists. The Brewery’s yeast strain provides excellent condition, while quickly dropping to give crystal clear bright beers.

Cottage Brewing Company's Real Ales:

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