Clearwater Brewery


Address: The Clearwater Brewery, 2 Devon Units, Hatchmoor Estate, Torrington, Devon, EX38 7HP.

“Clearwater Brewery was founded in 1998 by Brian Boughton. He produced Cavalier and High Tide beers which were highly regarded in Devon and particularly liked by Barry Raynes and Barrie Marden – so much so that they bought the brewery from Brian in 2009.

Barrie is the head brewer and we now produce four perfect pints (or any amount you require). We still use the recipes for Cavalier and High Tide but we now call them “Devon Dympsy” and “Devon Darter”. We both love Devon and wanted Clearwater beer to be “Devon’s Own” so a rebranding was required. We also produce “Real Smiler” and “Proper Ansome” a summer ale and dark bitter beer. We also produce one seasonal ale, a 5.2 ABV, “Winter Ale”.”

Clearwater Brewery's Real Ales:

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